The Hegemony Of The West Essay

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The hegemony of the West in the development of the World is significant along the history. First with the Imperialism period with the British power as a main actor, and then with the USA influence after the Second War World. Hegemony is defined as the influence of certain social classes with a particular state by a structure of values who achieve leadership through the control over of the main activities leading to a scenario with dominant and dominance states. Moreover, rising powers are the emergent states which become essential in the new development order of the world, for instance: China and India. This essay will provide the nature and the relevance of the threat of these new rising to the hegemony of the West. The concepts of soft power, Diasporas, international political system and international order, PASH and different theories such as imperialism, colonialism, realisms, liberalism and Marxism are going to use as a support of the analysis of the situations and the structure of the essay.

The international system is made up of multiple states and the interaction among them in major or fewer scale according their interest and develops (Mohan, 2013, p 50). This system is dynamic and the rise of a new power affects the other powers and the whole international system. Since the end of the Second War World until 1989 the international system was dominated by two superpowers, the USA and the Soviet Union. After 1989, USA has been the dominant state of the…

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