The Heaven Is A Philosophical Fiction Novel Written By Mitch Albom

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The Five People You Meet in Heaven is a philosophical fiction novel written by Mitch Albom. It tells the story of the life and death of a man named Eddie who works as a maintenance man for the fictional Ruby Pier. He ends up dying in an incident that happened with one of the rides at the pier and gets sent to Heaven, where he meets five people who changed his life during his time alive. The novel was published in 2003 by Hyperion in New York and consists of 196 pages. The story of The Five People You Meet in Heaven starts with an elderly man named Eddie who works as a maintenance man at an amusement park called Ruby Pier. Eddie feels he could have done bigger and better things but wasted most of his time in a job that to him “required no more brains than washing a dish”. Unfortunately on his birthday, he dies while trying to save a little girl from a runaway cart on a popular ride. His last memory before he died is of the small hands of a little girl within his own, although, Eddie does not know if he saved her. Suddenly, Eddie is in Heaven and it is not like anything that he imagined it to be. As he is on his journey to his final rest, he meets five people along the way who impacted his life while he was alive. The five people that he meets along the way include the Blue Man, an unhappy person from his childhood who was a member of the carnival freak show; the Captain, his commanding officer when Eddie was in the Philippines fighting during war; Ruby, a woman who…

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