The Heated Debate Of Censorship Essay

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In an era of video games, cable television, magazines, and the Internet adding to the exposure of children to sex, violence, and profanity at a young age, there is a heated debate in children’s literature as to what material is educational, but not immoral for children’s young minds. Many of these debates are motivated by Christianity and the Bible; however, Christians are also in support of the same controversial literature. Although it is important to censor certain material from children, it is entirely one 's opinion whether or not this cultural fight has any impact on a children 's long-term development. The heated debate of censorship stems from a desire to protect a children 's innocence, yet children will continue to be exposed to outside influences apart from books. Sadly, children will growing up with or without the help of censorship from adults. Many banned books, including J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, have positive messages that would be beneficial for children that counteract the negative allegations.
Firstly, an important question to ask is, what is censorship? Censorship, is “the action by some authority of determining what is and what is not appropriate reading for others, [including] children’s literature” (Russell 28). Many educators, parents, and teachers are on one side or another about censorship (whether to censor books or to not), depending on the particular subject. Subjects of censorship more common in children’s literature…

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