The Heat Of The Earth Essay

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According to NewsRx, “The temperature of the earth is affected by increasing, especially CO2 and other sera gases in the atmosphere. The solar radiation reflected from the earth surface cannot go back to the space due to the sera gases and is absorbed by the atmosphere. After the industrial revolution at the beginning of 20th century, especially in the last 30 years, the amount of CO2 and the other carbon gases emitted into the atmosphere has been increasing and causing natural disasters like irregular local temperature changes, floods, melting glaciers, and more powerful hurricanes. The solar radiations are mostly reflected by glaciers which are significant formations on the earth. Melting of these glaciers reduces the surface reflection and causes more absorption of solar radiation by the earth. In addition, sea level, amount of fresh water, and perceptible water vapor in the atmosphere may increase. In this study, Greenland and Antarctica glaciers ' weights which press the plates downward are calculated." Antarctic ice will supply the most flooding to global sea rise out of all the world’s glaciers. Even though humans may not be affected as directly, there are many species of animals that are in danger of extinction because of global warming. A well-known example is the polar bears, who are losing their hunting grounds as the arctic ice melts at alarming rates. Moreover, many other aquatic animals will be affected in a negative way because of the destruction levels that…

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