The Heat Death Of Universe Essay

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We live so we can flourish as human beings. When flourishing comes to mind one thinks of developing, growing vigorously, and thriving purposefully. Keyes says, “To flourish means to live within an optimal range of human functioning, one that connotes goodness, generativity, growth, and resilience. This definition builds on path-breaking work that measures mental health in positive terms rather than by the absence of mental illness ” ( Fredrikson) As humans or any species on Earth this is a vital process we undergo to develop a fulfilling life, a life where we freely express ourselves to our full potential. Pamela Zoline captures how life can a miserable mess if it is not expressed in a freely fulfilling way perfectly in her short story “The Heat Death of the Universe.” Zoline’s short story, the “Heat Death of Universe” shows that as humans we need to become more active in our own lives. It explains that if we live a purposeful life one must do more of what makes us feel alive, not be trapped. Zoline’s character, Sarah Boyle the protagonist of the story displays what it is to be a human, the psychological evolution of the human state of mind and how your environment can affect any life source. The author eases her way throughout the story hitting hot button topics on the head. During the course of the story, the author takes the readers on a slum ride to different place where a lot of people did not want to go in that era, a place where women were depicted in a…

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