Essay about The Heat Check : Freshman Year Of College

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The Heat Check Freshman year of college has been a life changing experience to say the least. First of all, I moved two hours away from my friends and family to attend a school with thousands of unfamiliar faces. I actually started studying for once and have taken my school work much more serious. When I decided to join the AYA Social Studies program, I walked into class the first day with a certain swagger because my mother is a fantastic teacher, who has dedicated her life into education. I thought I knew the ins-and-outs of schools because of my mother’s experiences and I was absolutely wrong. Introduction to Education has confronted my preexisting ideals about different schooling options, race and culture, state standards, and many other topics. I have experienced these changes due to findings, field placement, and the various papers I have written. However, this course has not fully changed all my previous beliefs regarding education. Also, some of the conceptual changes I have faced have only been minor and the majority of these new ideals are evolving. I will be examining the transformations of my preexisting ideas that have ultimately changed because of my experiences through Introduction to Education and Bowling Green State University. My family and I have largely benefited from public schools. My mother has taught in a public school for twenty years which has provided an income for my family. I attended a public school since I was kindergarten and I truly…

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