The Heart Were Two Different Stories With One Almost Hidden Meaning

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To Kill A Mockingbird and Places in the Heart were two different stories with one almost hidden meaning, a topic that interferes with all lives today. In both TKM and PITH, there is a reigning love of self for most of the stories, but in the end, the love of others overcomes and is victorious. With selfishness and racial prejudice being two main ideas that drive the stories along, it’s only fair to the reader or viewer that the strength of love and compassion wins. There is much conflict and pain along the way that makes these bittersweet endings just a little bit sweeter for the reader or viewer to contemplate and think over for themselves. In TKM, there’s a strong sense of selfishness in almost every character from Maycomb because of our basic human nature and the desire to fill one’s own cup without thinking of who else out there might be thirsty. There were few exceptions, such as Atticus Finch, but pride ruled over these people’s hearts. Bob Ewell, possibly the worst of them all, would not own up to beating his own daughter, but easily placed the blame on an innocent black man, who ended up being shot 17 times for trying to escape a prison he didn’t deserve to be in. Bob Ewell took the chance of taking this situation to court, knowing that it was a white woman’s word against a black man’s word, and even though the evidence wasn’t consistent, Bob Ewell still won that specific battle. However, he did not win the war. After he won, he spat in Atticus’ face in the public…

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