The Heart Of The Park Essay

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After their heart to heart in the park, Tom had managed to avoid Booker for the rest of the day. He likened his behavior to that of a obstinate child, his decision to distance himself from the man who had turned his world upside down an immature attempt at self-preservation. But buried beneath the protective shield of denial lurked an insatiable curiosity. As far as he knew, none of his friends, family or coworkers were bisexual, which somehow added to Booker 's mystique. While he had always known about the officer’s sexual proclivities, he had never given much thought to it before. But all that had changed the moment he found him in his bed, and now he had a mountain of questions. Had Dennis felt an attraction to both boys and girls from a young age or was there an epiphany at puberty? If so, why had it taken him until the age of twenty-four to have the same impulses? It was these questions and many others that had tortured him all day. Was he bisexual, or was it the allure of Booker 's enigmatic personality that yanked his crank? His mind was in a whirl, and desperate for answers, he had spent a good part of his day studying his male coworkers, looking for any signs of attraction.

First, there was Penhall. Handsome, funny, honest to a fault, he was, without a doubt, the best friend Tom had ever had. But when Tom closed his eyes and tried to imagine kissing him, his nose wrinkled in amused disgust. The idea that they would ever get down and dirty was laughable as well as a…

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