Carson Mcculler's Early Life

Carson McCullers was a famous American author with interesting works such as The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, The Member of the Wedding, and The Ballad of the Sad Cafe. This paper will cover her early life, works as an author, and the toll of her adulthood leading all the way to her death. As an author, Carson had to overcome many challenges in her daily life, however, she was not recognized as an extraordinary author until after her death. What made her become recognizable, is the fact that she used “physical deformities” and “grotesque” descriptions along with characters in her books. This all begins with her events as a child, forming her into the quality author she is known for today. Born on February 19, 1917, originally Lula Carson before changing it, in Columbus, Georgia, Carson was born to jewelry store owners. When Carson was a child, she did not aspire to be an author, she aspired …show more content…
Drinking more and more everyday, she sensed a wave of familiar, childhood like events coming back over her. However, as she was still continued writing despite the harsh times that she had happened to face, she created another greatly appreciated novel known as The Ball of the Sad Cafe. Due to her thinking more and more about her childhood and the past in general, she based this story around the Southern setting once again for her hometown and also depicting a “love triangle affair” that, as her audience already knew, occurred shortly before. Even though the marriage between her and her ex-husband James Reeves, he did not seem to stay her ex-husband long. Shortly after the book was published, in 1945, they decided to remarry despite the differences that made their relationship struggle from the beginning. Ever since their divorce prior, they had seemed to keep in close contact and were stronger than ever

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