The Heart Of The Human Heart Essay

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From the Human Heart to the Human Heart
Waves come and waves go. With each wave coming there is a tremendous energy with which the wave rises and then falls back and marches back to the sea. The gushing wind blowing over the sea gives ample of encouragement to the waves. Let’s study this example through two types of perspectives.
Perspective 1
It is the wind that pushes the water to flow back and forth, so that the water dashes ahead, rise and then slips back. Imagine, if there was no wind blowing over the sea, how the water would move, how the waves would have been created. Without the wind, the water would have been still and there would not have been any movement. Imagine the sun glowing on the sea water, birds chirruping, but now waves rising and falling. We would have been watching still sea water – no movement, no life, nothing.
Will you like to see such a thing in your own life? Well, the connection of this scene with the human life is very simple. It’s just like a mathematical calculation. Put a person or any situation that is creating waves in your life in place of the wind. And put yourself in the place of water. Now see the effect.
Perspective 2
One cannot go on complaining all the time about the wind, that because of it there is disturbance in life. Rather, it is the wind’s compassion that is touching your heart and trying to make you listen to the sound that it makes. Now, see this scene from the perspective of friendship or relationship. When the wind…

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