The Heart Of Heart Disease Essay

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Heart Disease No one can live without the heart because the heart is an important muscle, which pumps blood to the entire body. The heart is located in the chest and the size if it around the human fist. Everyone has to prevent his/her, heart because many people facing health problems, such as heart diseases. It is a group of conditions that affect the structure and the functions of the heart. Heart disease could affect anyone children, men, women, and even adult. There are different types of heart disease, which are coronary artery disease (CAD), congenital heart disease (CHD), heart attack, and rheumatic heart disease. But no matter how different types of heart disease are but they still damage the human heart.
For health coronary, the muscle should has a good amount of oxygen, and the walls of it should be “flexible and expand to let more blood go though when heart is working.”( Ford-Martin, P., 2015) But if the blood flow decrease in the heart, coronary disease happens, because of the fat build up and make the artery very narrows.
The other type is call congenital heart disease. This disease happen at birth, when the “vessels near the heart do not develop normally before birth.”(Ford-Martin, P., 2015) This disease affects only 1% of new birth babies. (Ford-Martin, P., 2015) However, researchers don’t know why congenital happen to babies during birth. But there are some causes for it, which are “viral infection, certain conditions such as down syndrome, and drug abuse…

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