The Heart Of Darkness By Joseph Conrad Essay

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The Heart of Darkness was a novel written by Joseph Conrad and published in February 1899. The story revolves around different types of darkness such as the setting of the story, the color of one’s skin, and even the darkness that lies inside each individual. Natives are dominated by the company to do what is told in order for each ship to successfully reach each station throughout the Congo river.The darkness drives the story as the company’s evil ways start to unravel while Marlow finds the dark truth of who Kurtz really is. The Heart of Darkness starts off introducing a sailor named Marlow and his journey up the Congo river to meet the legend, Kurtz. He travels to Africa as a riverboat captain for a company that seems to force the natives ' into their service where they are overworked and mistreated. Once the steamship seems to have sunk he turns his interest towards Kurtz and the rumor that he is deathly ill. Once Marlow receives all the parts necessary to fix his ship he continues his journey with pilgrims and cannibals on board. Once Marlow and partners arrive in Kurts inner station,they notice Kurts made himself into a god amongst the natives '. They also observed the brutality that Kurtz has made the natives endure in search for ivory. Severed heads had been decorating the fence surrounding the territory showing the evil Kurtz had created in the duration of his stay in the natives territory.Only to find his beautiful African mistress being left behind,she always had…

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