The Heart Of Darkness, And Fire Within The Three Texts Essay

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Light and dark are one of the strongest components in the narrative of The Heart of Darkness, Things Fall Apart, and Apocalypse Now. The images that are expressed through the texts act as a parallel to each character as well as give insight into the inner emotions of the characters. Focusing closely on the symbolism of darkness, fog, and fire within the three texts will help the reader delve inside the novels and film.
Within The Heart of Darkness, the reader can find themselves questioning what the symbolism of darkness is. It can be difficult to discern what it truly means, especially because everything seems to be cloaked in it. Take Africa, England, and Brussels as an example, they were described as gloomy and somehow dark, no matter how bright the sun was shining. I found darkness to be a metaphor, personally understanding it as the inability to see. When describing the human condition, you may find that there are profound implications. For instance, failing to see another person means failing to understand the individual and thus failing to establish any sort of sympathetic communion. There is also the concept of fog, which is a sort of branch off of darkness. Fog doesn’t only obscure the image, but it distorts as well. It gives the reader, as well as the character, just enough information to make decisions, however, it causes a lack of judgement when it comes to the accuracy of the given information, which more often than not ends up being wrong. For example, Marlow’s…

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