The Heart Of A Heart Essay

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A Heart For A Heart It was close, I can feel the drumming in the left chest.
I tried to opened my eyes but it felt heavy. My face felt like a stiff bread that had been left on the counter by some uncareful mothers. I couldn’t feel anything. The only thing I could hear was the distant echoes inside of my chest. I opened my swollen eyes widely and all I can see is blurriness. The echoes grew stronger and closer to me by every second. It was like I was at the world 's largest canyon and was yelling at the top and of my lungs.
I was alive.
I heard two female voices kept going back and forth as if they were having a conversation. I was on medication so I wasn 't able to arranged all of the talkings. But with the useless words that I heard, I couldn 't make out anything. I could make out the two outlines of two figures that were standing beside me. Then I felt a hand on my warmed forehead. The coldness of the fingers made me shivered a bit. The fingers traveled to me eyelid. I felt the fingers touched the lid of my eyes as my eyelids fluttered in response.
"Get well soon." The owners of the voice whispered quietly.
I then heard the door closed as the footsteps grew fainter. There was a "clink" and everything was quiet again.
I 'm alone with my echoes again.
I guessed that time went fast. In no times I could sit up on my hospital bed and ate my meals with no helps. After I was strong enough to walked to the bathrooms right down the hall, I begged to took me down to…

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