The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter By Carson Mccullers My Favorite Character

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Arlyn Hott From the book The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers my favorite character is John Singer. Although Singer is mute he played a huge part in this book and he became my favorite character. I think Singer became my favorite character because he took care of his ill friend Antonapoulos, he listened to everyone, and his loyalty to his friendships.
Singer is my favorite character of this book because he demonstrates his loyalty in the very first paragraph. I have great respect for people who have undying respect for other people. So I think it is very admirable that although Spiros Antonapoulos was not in my opinion a good friend, Singer was an amazing friend back to him. Singer proved how good of a friend he was after Antonapoulos became ill. I believe Singer took on a role he didn?t have to out of the goodness of his heart; by still being a loyal friend to Antonapoulos even after he became a trouble maker. Antonapoulos started to steal things, pee in public places, and truly he was just a disturbance of the peace. Which proves how good of a friend Singer was because he made up for most of the things his friend did; by paying for the things he stole and attempting to pay for all of his legal bills. In addition, when Singer was told that Antonapoulos was being taken to a mental hospital he was very upset and tried to stop it. Although he failed he did try to make the best of his last week with Antonapoulos by talking to him nonstop.
Another reason why Singer…

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