The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter Analysis

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Love is a strong reaction one feels towards someone or something. While many dispute that it drives people to make rash decisions, it is also known as a remarkable emotion that is beneficial. The novel The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, by Carson McCullers, depicts many situations where people who have a love for each other use that emotion both positively and negatively. Many of the characters utilize this emotion for their own benefit, but some continue to demonstrate their love for others even if those who are receiving that care do not realize it. Unconditional love is often exhibited towards people they care about, whether or not the feeling is unreciprocated, leading one who displays such affection to become selfless.
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Since the beginning, Singer has always been the parent figure of the two; he makes sure all things are done and takes care of others. However, Antonopoulos does not seem to understand all that is being done for him, especially when “[Singer is] continually marching [him] down to the courthouse...the money [that was] saved in the bank was spent for bail and fines” (McCullers 7-8). Afterward, Antonapoulos is released back to Singer, but shows no regret for anything he has done. Nonetheless, Singer continues to show his compassion and care for him, even though the favor is left unreturned. There are many other examples of selflessness being portrayed, one specifically being in a young girl named Mick Kelly. Throughout the book, Mick continuously shows care for many people, but mainly her brother Bubber. Being an older sister to a few siblings, Mick Kelly has to be responsible and care for her younger brother after a tragic event. One day, Bubber plays with a gun and accidentally shoots a child named Baby in the head. Following that event, her family spirals into financial problems …show more content…
Both Mick and Singer sacrifice a lot for the sake of their family or friend’s well being. Many indications that their relationship is one- sided is constantly being ignored because they both choose to see the best in the people they care about, even if they know the way they are being treated is by no means a proper friend or family should treat others. This is clearly demonstrated many times throughout the book. Singer is too caught up in his friendship with Antonapoulos to realize he is being taken advantage of. He sometimes sits by himself, thinking about (quote on 203/204). Even though Singer is being taken advantage out throughout the novel by everyone at some point, the biggest bully in his life is the one person he cannot bear to think negatively about. While some may consider this form of action to be naive, it can also be perceived as selfless. To be selfless is to “be more concerned with the needs and wishes of other over your own” ( In any given case, Singer has put the well being of Antonapoulos over his own. He spent all of his money bailing him out of jail, feeding him, yet receiving no form of affection from his friend, making him an incredibly altruistic person. The same can be said for Mick as well. Though she sees flaws in the people in her life, Mick has never let it affect the way she sees them. Even though Bubber’s action created trouble for their family, she always wishes that (George

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