Essay about The Heart And Soul Of A Nurse Educator

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The Heart & Soul of a Nurse Educator
The courage to teach comes from within the heart and soul of the educator. Throughout history, teachers have provided the inspiration for students to excel and make life better for the communities around them. Educators have also hurt students through a disconnect between themselves, the students, and the subject matter. The passion to teach comes from within, as does the heartbreak when students fail. A nurse educator that loves teaching will inspire, encourage, and share the literary métissage that exemplifies the pedagogical praxis seen in teaching today (Palmer, 2007). The purpose of this paper is to explore the paradox of nursing education, demonstrate courage, and discover the challenges of teaching in a diverse society. As an educator, understanding self-identity and integrity requires courage, resilience, and fortitude. and how this book transpires into exemplifying what nursing educating means today (Palmer, 2007).
Contribution as a Nurse to the Education Field
As a certified registered nurse, I reflect on how that experience has enabled me to discover my love of precepting and mentoring newly licensed nurses entering into the bedside nursing field. This desire to educate began when I felt more proficient talking to patients about a new disease or health status goal. The process of being able to connect with patients through talking about their health concerns did not happen overnight. I was fearful of rejection and…

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