The Healthcare Institution / Industry Essay example

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The healthcare institution/industry in the U.S. actually reduces health and wellness for citizens by denying their client healthcare. As showed in the documentary Sicko majority of the citizen that is in the U.S are unable to receive healthcare and the little client that does have healthcare are being blackballed into pay the money back. For instance, take Tarsha Harris who medical insurance was BlueCross, they did not deny her treatment Blue Cross actually approves her. However, later on Blue Cross found out that she a yeast infection in the past, by her having a yeast infection in the past Blue Cross drop Tarsha Harris. After the fact that they drop her, Blue Cross asks the hospital for their money back and demanded that they seek their payment from Tarsha Harris. Another case was when the African American woman daughter had a fever of over 40 Fahrenheit. Her physician was unable to treat her daughter because her insurance told her that they would not be covered for her hospitalization. By the time, she decided to go to another hospital it was already too late, her daughter passed away in the hospital that night.
I also find it astounding how the U.S. can be so cruel to its citizens, especially their heroes. As Americans we are culturally selfish, whereas Canada. France, and Britain are not. Those three countries are doing great healthcare wise, because they believe in helping others who are less fortunate. While, the U.S. does not believe in that system. Culturally…

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