The Healthcare Industry Attention Of Telemedicine Essay

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What is fueling the healthcare industry attention in telemedicine? Well, according to the CEO of the American Telemedicine Association, Jonathan Linkous defines “it as the delivery of any health care service or transmission of wellness information using telecommunications technology, that has the possibility to change the way medical care is provided in the United States (11 Telemedicine Tools Transforming Healthcare, 2012).” The meaning of Telehealth is often associated with telemedicine, but may not always involve clinical services. Telehealth includes many things under its umbrella such as patient education or mobile health application that involves patients engaging into their health care. Telemedicine not a separate specialty in medicine, it can be used by a variety of healthcare providers and specialties to provide combination care. For instance, dermatology and radiology are medical specialties that have used telemedicine technology, which includes digital imaging with high-bandwidth communication that remotely view the patient medical images, like photos of the skin lesions or CT scans for diagnosis and recommendations for treatment. (11 Telemedicine Tools Transforming Healthcare, 2012)
In reviewing the three short videos it shows how telemedicine is revolutionizing the medical community with its multi uses in rural areas. The first video showed how a physician, Kimberly Leslie uses telemedicine in rural New Mexico. Dr. Leslie is OB doctor who uses telemedicine to…

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