The Healthcare Crisis : America 's Health Insurance And Healthcare System

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The Healthcare Crisis
Though there has been much debate, one thing is clear: there is something wrong with America’s health insurance and healthcare system. Many would like to blame the government, even as those in the government looks for a scapegoat to take the blame for them. But the government is not to blame, at least no more than the average American person. Thus, there has been much debate about the healthcare system, but is there really a crisis? If there is, why is there?
To begin, questions need asking. For example, “Is there really a crisis in the system?” This is a very important question, as answering it means the difference between a well-written essay and a failure. A crisis is defined by the Cambridge dictionary as: 1. a time of great disagreement, confusion, or suffering; or 2. an extremely difficult point in a situation (Crisis). By this strict definition of the word, there is a crisis; however, in an interview by PBS, Dr. Uwe E. Reinhardt (PhD, Professor of Economics and Public Affairs, Princeton University) stated that he believed that America is not “in a health care crisis any more than we have been in the last thirty years”. Dr. Reinhardt also goes on to say that he believes that the health care system is doing well, despite the millions of Americans that cannot afford health insurance. He calls this a “minor crisis” (Reinhardt). Most people would disagree with Dr. Reinhardt’s opinion in this area, and PBS has another interview on the subject.
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