The Health Policy Of The United States Essay examples

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The federal system of government in the United States of America has a three tier system where the policy-making function cuts across the federal, state and local government. The responsibility of government is divided across the three tiers in different proportions depending on the need being served (Gerston, 2007). Public policy in matters like health care is very sensitive when laws or amendments are passed. The laws at the national level might not reflect the needs of the vast states found in America. Different states have unique needs which at times raises cross-currents that derail the implementation of passed laws. This essay will look at the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act; colloquially termed as ObamaCare and how it has raised cross-currents.
The ObamaCare health policy of the United States was drafted in the year 2010 with the objective of making access to health care and health service affordable to all Americans. The health policy had a lot of benefits attached to it which would have revolutionized the way the health care system in the United States operated (ObamaCareFacts, n.d.). The policy recommends a subsidy given to every American on health insurance. This will mean inclusivity of even citizens who before were not eligible for health insurance enrollment.
An additional benefit will be the fact that one cannot be denied the right to have health insurance coverage even if such persons have a pre-existing condition that before could not be…

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