Essay on The Health Organization 's Definition Of Health

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Introduction What exactly is “health”? Health is a term that is constantly changing. In fact, it is quite difficult to define health. The attempt by different individuals and societies to define health has led to great debate and unsolved conflict. According to the World Health Organization, health is a condition which involves social, mental and physical well-being of a person and not just the nonexistence of an illness or a disease (“World Health Organization”, n.d.). The main problem with their definition of health is, it disregards people with diseases or illness, disabilities and mental health disorders. Those who believe they are “healthy” will most likely favor the World Health Organization’s definition of health. Individuals who are free from physical illnesses, according to World Health Organization definition are considered to be healthy. Nevertheless, this can result to peoples with eating disorder, excess alcoholic drinking behavior and smoking practices been considered to be health while they are not in reality (“World Health Organization, n.d.).
The Socio-economic Influences on Health Socio-economic determinants such as income, education and social belongingness have a direct effect on health. Those who suffer financially, for example, often lack resources and access to proper nutrition, acceptable housing, safe neighborhoods and working conditions, which can impact negatively on their health. As well, they may face financial and life stress, which if…

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