The Health Of The Nigerian People Essay

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Target Population
Nigeria has many problems to attest to and one of them is the administration of vaccines. We have to educate and target the older generation to make sure that they can get their children vaccinated. There are people there who do not believe in injecting chemicals into the body, because they feel it will do more harm than good. Furthermore, there are some people that believe that the epidemics and pandemics that are occurring will be cured by spiritual understanding and homemade remedies.
The debate and struggle about reforming and improving the health care delivery system in Nigeria is not one that will be fixed overnight. But, if we can as a whole educate and spread the word on vaccines and the advantage of this medication, we will be able to save lots of lives and have more people to reproduce, work, and continue to grow as a society.
The health of the Nigerian people should no longer be measured in terms of how many health centers are built, how many teaching hospitals are re-furbished, or indeed how many tons of fake drugs are burnt, but in terms of real quantifiable change in disease burdens and mortality.
Important challenges remain in a country with very high mortality rates among children under the age of five years old in Nigeria. We know that improving routine immunization can prevent many deaths, yet we do not seem to be able to muster the necessary will to resolve this issue and improve the outcome of our children.
The people of Nigeria do…

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