The Health Of Miami Dade County Community Essay

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Health and Illness in my Community
Miami-Dade County is a large community with a population estimated in 2015 at 2,666,776(Healthy Communities Institute, 2015). This community is made up of Blacks, Whites, Hispanic, Christians and Jews just to name a few. Upon asking several people about their health status many state “they are healthy”. Upon digging deeper into their answer, we find out that many take prescription medications for hypertension and/or diabetes. Many are smokers, have not gone to the dentist in many years, lead sedentary lifestyles and don’t eat the adequate amount of fruits and vegetable daily.
In Miami-Dade 32.7% of the population has been diagnosed with hypertension, 8.9% have been diagnosed with diabetes, and 63% are overweight or obese (Healthy Communities Institute, 2015). Fourteen percent of the population smokes and 20.7% have not received oral care due to cost. (Healthy Communities Institute, 2015). These statistics lead us to believe that Miami-Dade County Community has a mistaken perception in regards to health and wellness.
Miami is a melting pot of race, cultures and ethnicity. Everywhere one walks is noted how different everyone is. Many times you can tell where someone is from by the clothing they wear or accent that they speak in. Other times are a bit harder to determine, are they Chinese or Japanese? Are they African American or Jamaican? Everyone expresses themselves in an individual manner. Maybe by the way they…

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