The Health Of Health And Child Development Essay

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The Right to Health

This essay is going to discuss and analyze the Right to Health, the importance of health and also how the Right to Health affects child development. The concepts and guidance to protect the health of children; the Right to Health emerged from the United Nations Children 's Right Convention (UN 1989) (referred to as the UNCRC). The importance and relevance of the Right to Health is covered by articles; three, seven, twenty-three, twenty-four, twenty-five and thirty-nine under the UNCRC. The Right to Health is a heightened subject, which is a globally recognized as an issue. The concept of health has changed significantly, becoming more advanced and available. However there are still many countries within the world that do not have adequate quality and accessible healthcare.

The right to health is considered of the essential rights as it also corresponds to a basic need for children. A recent study conducted by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) concluded that standardized measures of child health and the quality of relevant health care are important for all child health problems, but especially for preventable, ongoing, or serious health conditions. Good healthcare is essential for early intervention that may effect a child’s development, early intervention can prevent ill health and reduce mortality and morbidity for children and young people” (Department of Health, p.g.2).
The organization of healthcare within the United Kingdom came before 1948. The…

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