The Health Management Information System Essay

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The health management information system (HMIS) is an instrument that can be used to track data from many different sources. Of the many possibilities, the data collected could be used to track quality of service provided, health outcomes, and perceptions of the patient just to name a few. The possibilities, like the amount and type of data available to collect, is nearly limitless. The objective of the HMIS could be to collect the relevant data and then check the data to specific data points to determine the actual results compared to expected markers. While the amount of data available is abundant, health organizations must be cognizant of how the information is collected, stored, and analyzed to ensure privacy of the patient. This paper will discuss health systems privacy, and provide information from peer reviewed documents that show the balance between a patients desire of privacy compared to the requisite need for that same data in the public realm when it comes to public health matters.
Health Management Information Systems Electronic Health Records (EHR) represented a significant change in the medical industry; changing from mostly pen/paper flip chart that only documented a fraction of the patient’s health care history, to electronic records that can encompass multiple doctors, lab results, and multiple prescriptions. This change is the foundation that HMIS is built on. For individuals who have multiple doctors, EHRs provide a more complete picture of the…

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