The Health Issues Of Dental Hygiene Essay

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(Attention Getter) Let’s go for a walk into a grocery store, what item grabs your attention? Well, if you 're a compulsive buyer you’ll probably get it or you may stay away. The chances are that item that you got or wanted to get had a good amount of delicious sugar in it.

(Reveal Topic) Nowadays, our diet consists of feel good foods or drinks. What you enjoy counts, you may be happy with the sugar buzz but in hindsight it causes more harm than good. Our dental hygiene can show these obvious signs sooner rather than later. (Credibility Statement) My father was a dentist until he passed away from hypertension. From the grave, his history left behind encouragement for me to learn more about his field and what could have possibly led to his health issues.
(Relevancy Statement) As we learn more about what it means to be human, we can work towards a healthier future. Are you asking yourself what does dental hygiene have anything to do with being human? Well, poor dental hygiene can affect your overall health. (Preview) Beyond the sugar, there are many things that can affect our overall dental hygiene and health. (TRANSITION: Transitions are used to go smoothly from one part/point of the speech to another. Include in all of your connectives the exact wording you will use in your speech.)


(MAIN POINT 1) First and foremost, if you have or suspect that you have Periodontal disease you need to act now. The periodontal disease ranges from…

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