The Health Care System Of The United States Essay

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Health care has become a large part of modern society because the methods societies use to pay for health care affect both the providers and consumers of health care resources. Health care financing is especially important as it often restrict citizen access to health care (Cauchi, 2015).In most, modern first world countries, the government is responsible for paying for health care. However, this is not the case in the United States. In the U.S. the health care system is very unique and partially market based (Seshamani, 2008).
A market-based systems, care is delivered by private organizations and individuals. In a true market based system every level of health care is subject to some competition. Market based systems can be highly complicated as there are many different payers, providers, and consumers must choose which ones serve their individual needs (Seshamani, 2008).
Financing is one of the many unique features of the United States’ medical care due to its complexity. An American citizen might employ both private and public resources to purchase health care services through a number of programs and plans. The payment options for health care services are also numerous. If a patient is capable, they may pay for some or all of the care themselves. Another more common option is for the indirect payment of a large portion of the care paid for by insurance or managed care plans (Shi & Singh, 2004).
These financing mechanisms are referred to as health insurance. Insurance…

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