The Health Care System Of The United States Essay

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The health care system in the United States is rapidly changing. Therefore, it has become extremely important for both the private and the public sectors to understand the drivers of this change and their implications. Among the several key drivers of the current healthcare system, the finance, health care technology, provider, insurance companies/employers and the consumers are the most five important elements, which play important roles in driving the healthcare system. However, only by understanding the financial aspect of the healthcare delivery learns much of the system’s behavior is learnt. This includes, the knowledge of things that are reimbursed, under what circumstances and with what kind of outcomes? As evidenced, approximately 75% of revenue is generated from surgeries alone and other 12% from diagnostic procedures. Thus, the current system is more focused in rewarding procedures that lead to cure than medical management of chronic diseases or their prevention (Grand Canyon University [GCU], 2011).
Financial Elements
Financial management is an important and most powerful driver of health care system because of its changing nature and the insurers have had to recalculate their plans and premium structures with the changing payment system. Many studies on healthcare professionals reported frustration among physicians with the current health care payment system (Lischko, 2010). For example: a fee-for service payment method is most preferred by physicians but it…

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