Essay on The Health Care Issue Exploded

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According to chapter 8, Healthcare, “the health care issue exploded in 1999 when the U.S. Supreme Court in the Olmstead, required states to offer services outside of a medical facility setting (Pg. 201).” Based on Disabled World, “about 1 – 5 people in America have a disability. Over a billion people, about 15% of the world’s population have some form of a disability”. I agree with the statistic, because more, and more people are finding themselves suffering with some form of health issues, from diabetes, to heart, kidney issues and cancer putting them in this category. In Olmstead, Elaine Wilson and Lois Curtis developed a disability, because they had a mental illness. The two women was given permission to be released from the medical facility by the medical professionals, but they was made to remain confined to a State facility in a Georgia Regional Hospital in the psychiatric unit for several years. The two women filed a lawsuit under the ADA for release from the hospital. In Olmstead v. L.C., and on June 22, 1999, the U.S. Supreme held that the women suffered unjustified segregation of persons with a disability, and this constitutes discrimination in violation of Title II of the American Disability Act. In this case the court’s added that “public facilities must provide community based service for people with a disability, (1) appropriate services, (2), the person would have to be in agreement with the community base services, (3) and the community…

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