Essay on The Health Care Industry

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In the past 20 years, the health care industry has undergone through melodramatic changes, which have affected both patients and health care providers. The key changes in the health care sector such as healthcare being provided on an outpatient basis have both merits and demerits. This is because the Obamacare act impacts this process in various ways. This essay explores the factors that have contributed to care being provided outside the hospitals setting, its advantages and disadvantages, and how the Affordable Care Act has impacted this trend.
The major organizational change in health provision is a move from over-reliance on hospital care to outpatient care and in nursing homes. This move has altered the health care management and caused an upsurge in for-profit health care provision. This move has created an integration in terms of horizontal (one owner, many hospitals) and vertical (across the care continuum) (DeVore & Champion, 2011). It has also caused a decline in admission to community hospitals and an increase in visits to the outpatient community hospitals. Additionally, a lot of health care provision is being provided in non-hospital settings such as in the homes of physicians, patients, and freestanding or mobile clinics and surgery centers.
One of the primary benefits of home health care is that it is less costly than inpatient services. Home health care is vital since it helps clients from hospitals by proving a range of services at their convenience…

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