Essay on The Health Care Industry : A Long History Of Success

1019 Words Mar 6th, 2016 null Page
The US health care system has a long history of success, but yet has been defeated on several occasions. On multiple occasions the US has tried to succeed with great efforts to establish a good baseline at their success for the financial aspects of the health care industry. With many laws and regulations that have passed over the decades the US still comes up short and has many disaffects towards, the funding of the health care industry. There is an incredible amount of financial costs for both insurance based public and private within the administrative portion. Financial management is an extremely important aspect that is impacting health care the health care industry. There are major sources of healthcare finances, which include the out of pocket payments, health care insurance premiums, as well as taxation. All of these major sources also endure different types of financing methods.
The key sources of funding health care in the US have come from a variety of aspects, such as the ones included: out of pocket, pre-payments, any deductibles, coinsurances, as well as co-payments. Alternatives sources and options for funding the health care within the US can be obtained through the employer/company sponsored health care plans, as well as the employees themselves, and private insurance plans. Through research and analysis moving forward, we can think of alternative funding sources for health care in the US in the Medicare and Medicaid government programs, as well any other…

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