The Health Care Field Is Ever Changing And The Needs Of Healthcare Field

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The health care field is ever changing and the needs of health care are widening. Nurses need to participate and take the lead for interprofessional initiation and coordination to prevent disease, promote health, improve care quality, increase safety and work efficiency (Academic Progression in Nursing [APIN], 2014). The bachelor prepared nurses who also have knowledge in public and community health are capable of delivering health care to a diverse population in health care field, including home, community, public health, acute care facilities, and research. Therefore, to prepare the qualified workforces the IOM report recommended an increase in bachelor prepared nurses proportion to 80% by 2020. The writer meets this recommendation by having the bachelor degree in early 2016. Health care needs are expanding, thus the role and responsibility of nurses is expanding to meet the challenges in health care. Having a BSN degree helps the writer overcome challenges and make critical decisions for patients by using technology, information systems, acquired skills, knowledge, and experience. A BSN degree provides the writer with confidence, morale and competency to manage the care for patients through the utilization of research-based practices, skills, and teamwork, along with active participation in health care policy making, financing, management, leadership, and quality improvement (APIN, 2014). A BSN degree enables the writer to gain more competence in patient-centered care,…

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