The Health Care Delivery System Essays

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The health care delivery system has changed its focus from ordinary health care to community level health care due to rapidly evolving society as well as health care. Due to significant changes in health care systems along with nation’s health agendas and health policies, the emphases is leaning towards the prevention of disease in the community. It is very important for all physical therapists to understand and incorporate community health education activities into their professional practice to integrate preventive actions and awareness into community aiming to maintain and improve health. Physical therapists have an important role in the community health education with emphasis on health promotion and disease prevention. Due to significant cuts by primary insurance companies with high copays and deductibles, access to our services is very limited which is impacted by less visits and less reimbursements. In this type of situation, community education plays essential role in meeting the health care needs of those who are uninsured or underinsured. Most of the community education provided by physical therapists is pro bono teaching and interventions to assist the community. Most of the private clinics provide no cost programs for community education and to spread awareness about health. The best example in PT practice is to provide free exercise program, prevention and general information regarding common conditions like lower back pain, osteoarthritis knee. Some of…

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