The Health Care Delivery System Essay

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Retail Clinics, operates at retail sites, such as pharmacies and supermarkets. There is over 12-retail Clinics Corporation in the U.S. These offers fast, affordable treatment to those conditions that is easy to diagnose. However, the scope of practice for this service is much narrower than the urgent care centers. Sultz, H., Young, K., (2009). Ambulatory surgery centers, the ambulatory Service Centers association reported that Ambulatory service centers are a great example of successful change in the health care delivery system. Historically having surgical procedures in a hospital setting have many disadvantages for the patients, including long wait for an available appointment, days spent in the hospital during recovery, in addition to the time spent not working. The association further touts the benefits of operation ambulatory surgical centers in terms of the overall benefits they provide. The ability to schedule procedures more conveniently, having specialized, and highly trained staff, utilizing the best equipment and supplies, and having facilities that specifically designed to meet the need of the practice and the patients they serve. Sultz, H., Young, K., (2009) reported that ambulatory service centers are directly responsible for approximate 70% of the total surgeries performed between the years 1982-1992. Between 1999 and 2005 the numbers of Medicare certified ambulatory surgery centers have increased from 2786 to a staggering 4506 and this sector have seen an…

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