Essay about The Health Care Cost Containment System

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According to Arroyo Fressco (AF) challenges identified by the performance FOCUS framework, it is obvious there is a need to implement and evaluate interventions that would improve AF’s operational efficiency.
Financial Performance
One of the key strategic challenges is to balance AF’s mission of serving all patients, regardless of their ability to pay or against tight fiscal environments at federal, state, and local levels. Although, AF receives federal section 330 grants from the Public Health Service of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, these funds have not kept pace with growing needs or economic changes within the health care industry. Thus, to remain financial viable in the future, it is recommended that AF focus on, high impact grants and gifts.
Economic hardships are affecting all Arizona residents. In an effort to balance the budget, Governor Jan Brewer has made the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) part of a federal waiver that needs to be renewed every five years. The purpose of the action is to to cut and save money from the budget. For example, the budget cut imposes an approved cap on enrollment of childless adults, forcing denial of access to those that should be eligible for benefits.
In the same vein, the new federal law prohibits hospitals from turning away emergency patients regardless of ability to pay, while authorizing hospital administrators to treat illegal immigrants and deport them after emergency treatment…

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