The Health Benefits Of Tea Essays

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Tea emits a soothing atmosphere of acknowledgment and acceptance while its nutritional benefits give its consumer a reason to keep drinking. Recently, more and more Americans have fully grasped the importance of nutrition and how what we put into our bodies incredibly impacts how we feel. A trend of “Low fat” “Sugar Free” and “All Natural” products has risen and everyone wants to be a part of it. I even noticed this fad taking over my own mother when my favorite snacks started disappearing and gluten free, wheat free, zero fat, low glycemic index, and negative carb baked kale chips took their place. Like seriously is that grass? Nevertheless most mainstream companies saw an opportunity for expansion and have modified or created new products to target this market. But in regards to tea how are they doing this effectively? How do their products stand out to attract consumers?
The answer is simple. The key lies in making the consumers feel the tea’s identity. As you walk around with an intricate looking bottle describing all its health benefits you feel like you are doing something for yourself and you want other people to notice that. In contrast to how you would feel holding an off brand soda can, cheap and not worthy. The power of an appealing identity or image really gives a drink the special touch it needs to transcend its competitors.
For this task I chose Honest, Gold Peak, and Arizona green teas. In this essay I will examine the text placed on the packaging and…

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