The Health Benefits Of Golf And The Rules Of Sports

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Sports and activities incorporate rules in to help control games, prevent injuries and increase safety. Sports policy determines rules of sports and activities, modified rules for children, matching opponents, use of protective equipment to promote safe participation.


Golf is a popular sport that can be played causally or competitively. Regular gold offers a range of health benefits. It improves stamina, cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance. While the risk in this particular activity isn’t high, injuries can and do occur. In, 2006 Victorian hospitals looked after 83 who were admitted for gold-related injuries and 175 people visited emergency departments. During this period, those that were hospitalized was aged amount 65
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This rules is detrimental to a participant as it could mean life or death to them.
• No person should be positioned in the target line of another player or in the direction that the player is swinging regardless of the type of ball
• This is to insure that the risk of injuries is minimized as much as possible. Golfers should yell out “FORE” if their stroke is travelling in the direction of another player, weather it is going to hit the person on not you must call out fore.
• The rules for golf do not differ dramatically according to age, as it is a sport for everyone to play. However, most courses have a rule that if you or your child, aren’t playing competitively, and haven’t made it to the green by 10 shots you must pick up your ball and continue to the next hole, to reduce the amount of slow play

o Driving
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The instructor must be aware of any injuries for the wellbeing of the student and any other students. This is enforced by presenting the student with a pre-screening before participation, to give the teacher(s) a better understanding to the students capability. o Clothing must be free of zippers, buttons or hard objects, Jewelry must be taken off, glasses or any other ornaments. Long fingernails must be cut or taped up before participation o This certifies that apart from any injures that cold come from poor techniques any abrasions or lacerations are under control.

• Instructors o Must make sure that Dojo (the place of training) must be able to contain the number of students training, the students must have room to move around without colliding into any objects. The surface must be free of dirt, dust or any spills. To ensure that techniques that involve grappling, throw, takedowns and sweeps are controlled. If required mats can be placed down to absorb the force when being taken down. If this is necessary the mats must be secured together and 50 millimeters

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