The Health Advisory Service Report Essay

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The Health Advisory Service Report (HAS Report, 1995, Cited in Dogra, Parkin, Gale and Frake, 2008) defined mental health as ‘not being present when psychological distress or maladaptive behavior is appropriate given a child’s age or context.’ This definition offers a fundamental basis to consider the source of a child’s mental health. In addition, The World Health Organisation (WHO) (2001, Cited in Dogra et al.) mentioned that mental health is a key component of health through which individuals recognise their own abilities such as cognitive skills. Mental disorders can affect mental health in numerous ways and are able to prevent or even reduce the likelihood of accomplishing any goals such as coping with the stresses of life.
Biological, psychological and environmental factors play an influential role and can be regarded as a starting point to the development of mental health in children. The influence of each factor varies and its effects differ in each child. Even though one factor can be more dominant than others, the interaction between the three factors is still present (Dogra, Parkin, Gale and Frake, 2008). This implies that mental health can be disrupted at an early age through factors being negatively disrupted or influenced therefore causing certain mental illnesses. In addition, children who are recognised as being vulnerable have a higher probability of developing mental health problems, especially if they have been exposed to adversity. This assumes that…

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