The Healing Of A Deaf Man Essay

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The lesson that is being presented in The Healing of a Deaf Man, I believe, is that God has the power to control and fix anything in our life that we are struggling with, as long as we have faith in him. In these verses, the people that brought the deaf man to Jesus “begged him to lay his hand on him” (Mark 7:32) because they had such strong faith in Jesus and all the great things that he is capable of doing, and they wanted him to apply those powers in an effort to heal the man. From this story, we should learn that maintaining our faith in God is very important. Many people say they are Catholic and believe in God, but they only call to him when they are in need of something, and never to thank him for all that he does. If we expect God to assist us when we are in need, we should make an effort to pray, go to Church, or at least just think of all the things that we are grateful for that God has given us. I believe that there is a really big moral lesson in these verses from Mark’s gospel. Jesus, the son of God, who could perform miracles that saved lives, which most people would brag about if they were able to do the same, was humble when it came to his talents and abilities. Mark said that “He ordered them not to tell anyone” (Mark 7:36) which meant that Jesus wanted to be able to perform a miracle and change someone’s life, while still remaining humble, because if all the people around were to find out what he was doing, they would praise him and treat him as if he were…

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