The Hayward Fault Line Moving The Earth 's Surface Essay

1056 Words Jan 21st, 2016 5 Pages
Is the Hayward Fault line moving the earth’s surface, and if so where is the evidence to prove it? There are various methods to prove that the Hayward Fault is creeping, and the evidence is viewable such as offset curbsides, building that are being torn apart, and cracks in the earth’s surface. The Hayward Fault is a strike-slip fault meaning it moves up, and down, thus giving us multiple locations in which the surface is affected. There are five different locations that I chose on the Hayward Fault line that showed that there was right-lateral movement. These locations have been moved by the creeping done on the fault. I observed curbsides, cracks on the floor of a parking lot, and brick walls that were shifted due to the creeping. This proves that the Hayward Fault line is still active, and the evidence is around it. I will go through each location, and state what I have observed, and measure roughly how much movement it caused. The Hayward Fault stretches along Point Pinole to Fremont, thus making it the most dangerous due to its history of huge earthquakes, and that it is under millions of people. The tectonic setting of the fault is that one part of it is on the Pacific plate, well the other half is on the North American plate. The faulting is strike-slip meaning most of its movement is horizontal. Typically, the Hayward fault has a massive earthquake every one-hundred and forty years, and it has been that way for the last two thousand years. The last earthquake was…

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