Essay on The Haymarket Square Riot Movement

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Introduction The Haymarket Square Riot took place on May 4, 1886 in Chicago Illinois. In the United States, the labor unions have an extensive and compelling history increasingly developing the world’s largest economy in history, the union movement influence in many significant ways to this unparalleled expansion. The unions have delivered numbers of achievements to American workers. Some achievements include to a safe and intolerant work environment, collective bargaining power, the right hour workday, no child labor, wage standards, political guidance and much more. Important changes today are taken for granted. The distinctive work environment involvement took time and progress over the life of the American Republic. However, in some cases when the union suggested work changes came at a cost. The Haymarket Riot started a national wave nationalism, Public outrage toward immigrant fundamentals was significant. The labor movement was blamed for the riot and the deaths. The largest unions in the U.S. were the Knights of Labor at the time and it indeed had immense criticism and condemnation. The union was brutally disgraced and it never recovered its reputation and leadership (Historybits, 2016). Thousands of followed the trail of the accused labor militants. During the trail allegations of undependable evidence, flagrant bias against the defendants and absolute unfairness while the agreeable trail. During the trail, it never came out who made and placed the bomb.…

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