The Harsh Challenges Of Arabian Women Essay

1371 Words Nov 10th, 2016 6 Pages
Due to the harsh challenges that Arabian women face in attempt of providing the proper nutrition that newborns require in order to thrive, many women are placed under high stress, considered unqualified, and placing their children’s health in addition to theirs at a high risk of morbidity, while in reality they are victims of lacking the proper knowledge to find alternative to feed their infants. The Arabian culture places many challenges and restrictions that contribute to make breastfeeding harder on women evidenced by forbidden public breastfeeding, depriving the mother from nutrients and fluids during the fasting month of Ramadan, in addition to the highly demanding necessities that breastfeeding require in general, many women need the proper education to explore other alternatives methods that facilitate the success of raising a healthy newborn. Arabian culture lacks the clear image of formula feeding; it is looked down at and criticized poorly without picturing the holistic image of feeding and considering the different variables that impact the process of nourishment. In reality and according to the most recent evidence-based practice, commercially prepared formulas are very effective methods to meet the newborns’ nutrition requirements. They are able to stand on their own, as it main the essential nutrients that even breast milk lacks. With the proper education, many women will have a better understanding of formula feeding and how it may ease their newborn feeding…

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