The Harmful Effects Of Pollution On Animals And The Land They Call Home

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The “Deer” advertisement, for World Wildlife Fund (WWF) magazine, shows a picture of a deer covered in waste. The deer stands on top of land filled with trash, that once use to be its home. On the bottom of this advertisement reads the text “Rubbish can be recycled. Nature cannot.” Land pollution includes various types of rubbish we make at home, school, hospitals, markets and workplaces. Items like papers, plastics, cans, even used cars and broken electronic goods and broken furniture are all examples of landfill waste. Land pollution can have serious consequences, not only to wildlife but humans as well. The purpose of this advertisement is to show the audience the harmful affects that pollution can have on animals and the land they call home. The image represents the future of animals, if we as humans keep throwing waste into the environment and polluting the earth. This advertisement is for public interest, which WWF is for a non-profit organization. It was released, in June of 2007, by Ogily and Mather agency. The location of publication for this advertisement was in Romania, but it is an international advertisement, because it is apart of a world fund for saving wildlife.
The “Under the sea” advertisement, was made for the Greenpeace brand magazine, it shows a picture of what is suppose to be a school of fish but in reality it represents the pollutants that are haunting the oceans of the world. On the top right of this advertisement, in a white box is blue text that…

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