The Harlem Renaissance Essay

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Nightlife Friday afternoons are spent talking about what is going to take place that weekend. The majority of the time, people will invite friends to their houses or a group will even meet at a local restaurant. Despite the location, these gatherings happen often. Night life was not much different in the past. Going to clubs during the night was prevalent for the party seekers of the 1920’s. The Harlem Renaissance took place in Harlem during the 1920’s. This major outbreak consisted of new music, literature, and ways of life. Many of the key people who traveled to Harlem came from the South (Wormser). During the Harlem Renaissance, the party life became dominant. At this point, citizens seeked a source of entertainment and excitement. Therefore, the Cotton Club was created during this time, giving people a place to go throughout the night. There was live music and even specific performances by the African American population (Salamone). The Cotton Club was important to the Harlem Renaissance because its creation and sparked new entertainment despite a racially segregated environment. Throughout the Harlem Renaissance, the Cotton Club came about. During this time, people were eager for entertainment. Thaddeus Russell claims in his article called Cotton Club, “The Cotton Club, at Lenox Avenue and West 142nd Street in Harlem, first opened in 1920 as the Club Deluxe but took on new ownership and its permanent name in 1922” (539). For two years, it was run by a…

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