Essay on The Harlem Renaissance

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gathered in New York with hopes of finding power and faith within themselves. This was known as the Harlem Renaissance. After the Civil Rights Movement, it was hard for African Americans to adapt to their new lifestyle. The Harlem Renaissance was the time where they found their way to becoming the citizens they are and live the life they deserved. The black culture became prosperous during the Harlem Renaissance through their music, art, and poetry and with this it caused for the black community to be highly respected. Along with this, many components played a role in the blossoming time of the Harlem Renaissance and the benefits it came with. During the Civil Rights Movement African Americans faced many struggles and lived very tough lives having to conquer many hardships. This all was ended in the start of the Harlem Renaissance. A well-known sociologist, Dr. W.E.B. DuBois, was one the many people that helped make a difference in the world for African Americans. He contributed in many ways to the Civil Rights Movement and was a figure for all African Americans to look up to. By changing peoples’ views and gaining respect for African Americans, it led to the Harlem Renaissance. One way he made a large contribution was through his book, The Soul of Black Folk, which give the readers an eye opening description from an African Americans point of view of what they went through and experienced during that time. He touched on terms that were well known to everyone to make it…

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