The Harlem Renaissance By Langston Hughes Essay

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During the period of 1917-1935 existed an artistic, social and cultural phenomenon swept throughout the entire United States. A explosion of creativity resulting from African American influence brought new styles and freedom in the arts. Historians dubbed the period as the Harlem Renaissance, seeing the upheaval of African American culture and civil rights and the introduction of new artistic styles such as Jazz and Negro Literature. Therefore, which poet represents the ideology of the Harlem Renaissance? One name comes to mind, Langston Hughes, from his beginnings in a low-class black background to the prolific poet that lays in the forefront of such a period, he best characterized the essence of the Harlem Renaissance .

Born on February 1, 1902 to a family of school teachers, Langston Hughes suffered from a broken home as his parent James Hughes and Carrie Langsten divorced shortly after Langston’s Birth. Hughes went through a series of segregated and unsegregated schools facing the unfair prejudice forced onto African American. During this period, Hughes started writing poetry and “was a regular contributor to his school’s literary magazine, and frequently submitted to other poetry magazines, although they ultimately reject him” ( Hughes come from a background of racial prejudice and an impoverished dysfunctional family. His live mirrors the struggle of many other African Americans in that period, bleak, tedious, sad, haunted by past generations of racial…

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