Essay about The Harlem Renaissance And American Writers

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Throughout the course of Black American Writers in Paris, we have read the literature of numerous authors who were influential not only to the Harlem Renaissance but also to the coming generations. Being that the Harlem Renaissance served as an awakening in the black community which allowed black people to celebrate their blackness and their personal individuality. There were many breakout stars during the Harlem Renaissance ranging from Alain Locke to Josephine Baker to W.E.B. DuBois and so on. Hard hitters within the Harlem Renaissance that caught my eyes were Langston Hughes, Jean Toomer and Gwendolyn Bennet. Each author had their own artistic style that stood out more profoundly than the other authors within the Portable Harlem Renaissance Reader and Paris Noir: African American in the City of Light. A noticeable theme within many authors pieces were the connection between their “blackness” and the use of location. Any person who encounters the literature of Langston Hughes knows that he was unapologetically black. What made Hughes different from other writers during the time was that he was not afraid to write what came from the heart. The interpretations of his writings proved to show that he wanted to convey to his readers what his unfiltered background consisted of as well as facets of his life that could be related to. A notable poem of his titled, The Negro Speaks of Rivers, is a clear indication of blackness and location. “ I bathed in the Euphrates when…

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