Essay about The Harlem Renaissance : A Important Time Period

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The Harlem Renaissance was a very important time period in America. The Harlem Renaissance somehow affected utterly any and every sector of life in America. The Harlem Renaissance was a movement that took place from the early 1920’s until roughly around the mid-1930’s. The Harlem Renaissance was a movement that introduced the America to new African-American cultural expressions that were affected by the African-American Great Migration of America. The Harlem Renaissance was a period of rebirth for African American arts; everything in life began to change. Although it was centered in Harlem neighborhood of the borough of Manhattan in New York, the Harlem Renaissance was able to touch every part of the country; and in many aspects, it went beyond America.
Politics were heavily impacted around the time period of the Harlem Renaissance. Up until the lasting moments of the Civil War, the vast majority of African-Americans lived in South as slaves. By the end of slavery, the newly freed African-Americans knew that for justice to be achieved, a certain platform would have to be acquired. It was at this point that many African-Americans began to strive for positions of political power. Shortly after the Civil War, the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871 caused commotion addressing the Bill. By 1875 sixteen African-Americans had been elected and served in congress and given speeches using their platforms. Though African-Americans were granted their freedom they were still treated as…

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