The Harlem Renaissance : A Cultural, Artistic, And Social Movement

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In the 1920s and mid 1930s the Harlem Renaissance was a cultural, artistic, and social movement that gave a new light to black cultural identity. At the heart of Harlem Renaissance were black authors/writers, scholars, and musicians. Many of the people involved in the Harlem Renaissance were artistic and literary leaders that later influenced African American culture. This coming together of people created a sense of racial pride for people in the African- American community.
Many African Americans were politically and socially affected by World War I. As a result many migrated to the urban North. As people migrated to the North different races inhabited different cities such as Washington D.C, New York, and Philadelphia. This new combination of various people created the New Negro Movement. The movement later became known as the Harlem Renaissance. The Harlem Renaissance was a way people expressed themselves and people sought refuge during this time. The Renaissance was also a social platform for many African-Americans, attracting many people from political activist to social reformers and even cultural elites.During the Renaissance African-Americans gained economic independence and freedom from prejudice and racial oppression.
Blacks expressed how they were treated from their perspective in the form of poetry. Sterling A. Brown was a famous poet during the Renaissance. Born Sterling Allen Brown on May 1901 into “African- American middle class”. Sterling grew into…

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